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Situated on Paradise Island, Bahamas, the Atlantis Resorts complex is home to the largest marine habitat in the world. Accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, this 34 acre complex features 50,000 seldom-seen sea creatures as they enjoy life in a series of 11 lagoons. The feeding and care of these creatures is executed on a daily basis by a group of highly-trained marine animal specialists.

During the Aqua Tots Program each day, five children three years of age and older are invited to join the Seakeepers to feed some of the young creature. Participation in the feeding program or any of the other educational activities affords children and adults unique opportunities such as viewing and learning about the world's first environmental captivity birth of a Black-Nose Shark and a Caribbean Reef Shark, both of which were born in 1997.

A visit to Dolphin Cay includes the opportunity to learn more relative to the habitat's marine creature rescue and treatment facilities. Four times each day, a water-exchange takes place during which salt water is drawn into special tanks to be uniquely filtered enabling the creatures to live and thrive under conditions akin to their natural, in-the-wild habitats.

At the habitat, special nourishment is prepared daily for various creatures. To feed most of the fish, sharks, dolphins and other fish-eating creatures requires 1,000 pounds of shrimp, sardines, squid and minnows. Fresh lettuce is provided each day for herbivores. Specially prepared pellets are provided for jellyfish.

The Atlantis Marine Habitat participates in a breed/release program allowing creatures such as the Southern Stingray, Bonnethead Shark and Manta Ray to be acclimated for and released into the Caribbean Sea. Special marine life on exhibit include poisonous Lionfish and a six-foot-long Moray Eel. A touch tank affords personal encounters with conch, starfish and several species of crabs.