Eat at - The Flying Fish - Bahamas

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When visiting the Bahamas, make sure that you enjoy a great dinner at the Flying Fish in Freeport. You will find that the atmosphere is as great as the food. You can enjoy your dinner on the dock where you'll have an ocean view that just makes your dinner so much more enjoyable.

This is the place to go when you want to enjoy a special evening. The menu is going to make your evening all that you hope for. You'll be able to choose from fresh seafood such as Tuna, Scallops, Conch, Oysters and much more. They also offer delicious sides that are going to melt in your mouth such as potatoes and asparagus. You may prefer to have the crab and tempura avocado salad which is very pleasing.

You can also enjoy some of the best cocktail at the Flying Fish, you may choose your all time favorite or you may want to try something such as the Mango Margaritas that can be quite addicting.

To round off your meal, the key lime pie is going to be just what you want or you can choose a delicious and sweet chocolate dessert to compliment your meal.

The restaurant's owner is the chef so you can bet that you are going to have only the finest meal with you dine with them. The staff is cordial, welcoming and warm. It's the perfect place to make your stay in the Bahamas something to remember.

This is truly one of the finest restaurants that the island has to offer.