Experience Historic Havana in Old Square

Posted by Blue Skies Travel on 14 December 2012 | 0 Comments

A trip to the Cuban capital of Havana would not be complete without a visit to Old Square, or Plaza Vieja as it is known in Spanish. With its beginning as an open area in 1559 and called New Square, it was eventually given its current name. Part of Old Havana, the square was once the center of commerce for the capital. Exemplified by the numerous styles of architecture found in the plaza, Old Square is reminiscent of Spain’s historical towns.
Tropical colors adorn what once were small palaces and prestigious homes. The balconies on the homes were the perfect viewing spot, for the wealthy residents, to watch the proceedings in the plaza such as celebrations and bullfights. Today, the square is popular with tourists interested in experiencing the beautiful architectural details in the colonial buildings surrounding the plaza. Restaurants, hotels and museums have taken over what were once convents and residential homes. With many of the historic structures in Old Square having been renovated; it is a unique place to visit for entertainment, dining and a taste of Cuban history.