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Synonymous with wildlife, wilderness and beautiful cities, Canada embraces travellers looking for a little adventure. Canada is certainly more than just a few acres of snow.

Its four major cities – Montréal, Québec, Toronto and Vancouver – each have their own distinctive character. Vieux-Montréal, along the banks of the St Lawrence River, is a delightful 18th century enclave; Québec has a distinctive European feel, its cobbled streets and architecture certainly representative of French Canada; Toronto is Canada’s largest city, with a great ethnic diversity and cultural variety; finally Vancouver is excellently positioned to enjoy both mountain and coastal pursuits in the same day. Ottawa, the capital, though small, has a number of interesting museums and cultural centres.


However, Canada’s main draw is the big outdoors. Home to some of the world’s most wild and pristine landscapes, this is the land of grizzly, black and, indeed, polar bears, moose, arctic fox, wolf, seal, beaver, lynx and caribou. Head to Nova Scotia for a spot of whale watching, central Canada for dinosaur parks, into the Rockies for six awesome national parks – including Banff and Jasper – Northern Canada for true wilderness and the Northern Lights, and finally to the Great Lakes to experience the deafening roar of Niagara Falls.


Eastern Canada enthrals every visitor that ventures out to explore. It is here that you'll find Ottawa, Canada's capital, Montreal, Canada's most cosmopolitan city and Niagara Falls, probably the country's most famous attraction. A dramatic Pacific coastline, the towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains and the wonderful city of Vancouver are just a few of the reasons that Western Canada is regarded as one of the most thrilling holiday destinations on the planet. Whether in Banff or Jasper National Parks, sailing the islets of Vancouver Island, or visiting the Calgary Stampede, stunning landscapes and amazing experiences are at every turn.