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The Caribbean is truly a dream destination, yet its charms extend far beyond the crescent-shaped beaches, enticing azure waters and vermilion sunsets...

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Caribbean Brochure - Blue Skies Travel

Coloured by the influences that have washed up on its shores over the centuries, the Caribbean is a perfect patchwork of the world.

 Caribbean Brochure - Blue Skies Travel


It is an idyllic corner of the world where the rush hour usually takes place on water, where friendly locals are quick to shake your hand and where calypso  and reggae music add a definite element of fun & excitement to the glorious evenings.

The islands are not the same, however. Appearances vary greatly from the vibrant lush tropical St. Lucia and Jamaica, for example, to the low-lying windswept charms of Anguilla and the Turks and Caicos. Each island also has ia distinctinction of its own,  from the colonial-style glamour of Barbados and the Robinson Crusoe-style charms of the Grenadines, to the French chic of St. Barths and the historical ambience of Nevis.

Caribbean HolidaysThe hotels vary from boutique and private to  large and part of worldwide groups, although they are all equally committed to taking your visit to this tropical paradise as memorable as possible. Whilst the winter weather is adorable, come here year round, although expect higher rainfall in the late summer and autumn months and surrender to the Caribbean’s  slow pace of life,  punch in hand, of course.

For couples Sandals Holidays provide a superior all inclusive holiday, while their sister brand Beaches Holidays provide superior family holidays in the Caribbean

The best way to see loads of islands is with a Caribbean cruise. Think of it as your floating hotel. You can also combine a cruise with a stay. This way you get the best of both worlds, a relaxing beach stay + a cruise experience.