St Kitts & Nevis

Just relax, enjoy the gentle pace of life and bask in the beauty of the wonderful beaches, rugged volcanic peaks and lush rainforests of St Kitts and Nevis. Both islands have their own unique cultural heritage and you will find they have skillfully blended the hotels and resorts with local architecture, culture and history.

St Kitts is the larger and feels that way, from the hustle of intriguing Basseterre to the resort enclave of Frigate Bay. Spend a few days exploring all of its beaches, with their cool bars, water activities and pure vacation vibe. Circling the main part of the island, there’s plenty to see: the languid charms of the plantations and the astonishing bulk of Brimstone Fortress.

Nevis is smaller and quieter. It has one volcanic mountain rather than a range and its one main road is a circle that takes you around the island in under two hours. There’s a handful of beaches with the usual fun, and Charleston, the charming main town, can be walked end to end in 15 minutes. Nature walks take you into the verdant upper reaches of the peak.

Even if you just stay on one island, frequent ferry service means that you can easily enjoy both.


Things to do in St Kitts and Nevis


St Kitts

Step aboard the scenic railway - Enjoy this unique and beautiful train journey that takes visitors with a fascinating way to see St Kitts from the comfort of custom -made open air carriages.





Explore the majestic Brimstone Hill fortress - Situated almost 800ft above sea level, this remarkable fortres is one of the best preserved and most dramatic in the entire Caribbean. Constructed over the course of 100 years it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Brimstone Hill was the site of many dramatic battles between the British and the French.





Stroll the streets of Charlestown - This town is one of the best remaining examples of the colonial era in the Caribbean. Much of Charlestown looks exactly as it did hundreds of years ago and you will see many examples of beautiful 18th and 19th century colonial buildings.




Visit the Botanical Gardens - Lying in the shadow of Mount Nevis, this five acre garden is a wonderful, tranquil oasis full of tropical flowers and shrubs, orchid terraces and water lily ponds.


Getting There

British Airways operates twice weekly flights to St Kitts with a touchdown in Antigua in both directions. Flying time is approx 10hrs 15 mins


The route to Nevis is generally by water taxi from St Kitts, or via Antigua with an onward flight with LIAT, Windward Island Wirways or on a shared or private charter.