Trinidad and Tobago


Although together they make up one nation, the islands of Trinidad and Tobago offer two very different holiday experiences. The bustling cities, shopping centres and vibrant nightlife of Trinidad are in sharp contrast to sleepy Tobago where life is more laid back and the focus is on relaxing and enjoying the wonderfully friendly resorts. Despite their differences, you will find that both islands have many beautiful, often deserted beaches as well as a slightly wild side with unspoilt rainforests and exotic flora and fauna. Trinidad and Tobago are the southernmost of our Caribbean islands and just 30 miles off the coast of Venezuela, with people who are charming and welcoming and who will take great pleasure in spoiling you during your stay.


Things to do in Trinidad and Tobago


Explore Port of Spain - Enjoy the buzz of Trinidad's capital and obviously the carnival here is one of the best, but this is also one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the Caribbean. Once a small seaside port, Port of Spain now houses many historic landmarks, great shopping opportunities and a wonderful range of restuarants.




Go Turtle Watching - Turtle watching on the north coast of Trinidad is a spectacular experience and well worth getting yourself out of bed early for. Seeing a turtle hatch is an amazing sight but it only happens seasonally.




Asa Wright Nature Centre - This amazing nature centre was established in 1967 by a group of naturalists and bird watchers to protect the regions diverse tropical wildlife. The rainforest is home to a vast number of species, including 460 birds and over 600 butterflies.




Waterfalls and chocolate - According to local legend, swimming in the Argyle Waterfall makes you look 10 years younger. After a nice refreshing swim head over to Tobagos first chocolate factory, set up in 2005. Owner, duane, has been instrumental in rejuvenating the cocoa industry on the island.




Take a sailing trip - For a day at sea you wont be disappointed with the swimming and snorkling opportunites. You will get to see brain coral and dolphins, with lunch included on most trips you are sure to come back relaxed and ready for a fun filled evening.





Scarborough Market - The picturesque town of Scarborough is also home to a bustling market, which can be found just across the road from the harbour. The market is most lively on Fridays and Saturdays, selling a wide variety of crafts, fruit and vegetables and many local herbal remedies.


Getting There

Flying time from the UK is approx 9 hrs

Flights are via Antigua or Sant Lucia


British Airways depart 5 times a week from Gatwick to Trinidad (via Sant Lucia) between Jan-Mar; depart 6 times a week from Apr onwards. Weekly departures from Gatwick to Tobago (via Antigua)

Virgin Atlantic operate a non stop flight to Tobago from Gatwick. twice a week Jan-Mar the weekly from Apr onwards.