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Dubai HolidaysIt is probably because it is so accessible to get into and around in, that the United Arab Emirates is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the Middle East. Dubai holidays in the United Arab Emirate offer something extra with some of the best tax free shopping in the world and beaches lapped by the tropical waters of the Arabian Gulf. English is widely spoken and the standard of living is very high.

Dubai holidays offer some of the finest hotels in the Middle East. Dubai holidays is also the most popular tropical holiday destination in the whole Middle East. It also helps that many of the hotels for Dubai holiday visitors are located right on the beachfront, and swimming pools are practically a requirement.

Many people book Dubai holidays for its amazing shopping opportunities. The duty free shops at the airport are legendary and often given as the reason for missed flights. Meanwhile on a Dubai holiday in the city itself, goods are also duty free and the shopping can be completed in a more relaxed manner.

Tropical Holidays in Jordan

Just north of Egypt and home to the Dead Sea, lies one of the most exciting tropical holiday destinations in the middle east. Although often overlooked by tourists, tropical holidays in Jordan have much to offer, in addition to an excellent infrastructure for visitors to make the most of their tropical holiday there.

When you are on your tropical holiday in Jordan, we recommend a visit to the capital, Amman. You can see ancient open air auditoriums, a major Grecian Citadel and some of the best museums in the Middle East. It is also good for searching out the best deals in some friendly traditional markets.

Alternatively, enjoy an relaxing week at the Dead Sea.

Tropical Holidays in Oman

Oman HolidaysThe Sultanate of Oman occupies the eastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula and is the most traditional country of the United Arab Emirates. Tropical Holidays to Oman offer everything from rugged coasts, to the peak of Jebel Akhdar at 2980m, to the salt flats and deserts. Omans varied terrain dazzles and amazes the visitor on a tropical holiday here.

Oman's long standing trading links with India, Africa and the Orient give this country a vibrant fusion of cultures whilst retaining its own lifestyles and traditions. On your tropical holiday in Oman, be sure to visit the capital, Muscat, which has souks specializing in gold and silverware, Bedouin rugs and antiques to tempt the bargain hunter. In the north of the country lie the jagged mountains of Hajar, with wheir remote walled towns and the dazzling beaches of the Batinah coast.

Tropical Holidays in Qatar

qatar HolidaysTropical holidays in Qatar combine the charms of old Arabia with exciting modernity, offering visitors on a tropical holiday here a fantastic travel experience of a rich, cultural heritage, historic forts, expansive desert landscapes, fine hotels, great shopping, beach resorts and sun. Although relatively new as a leisure destination, tropical holidays in Qatar have become popular in recent years, and it is quickly gaining a reputation as a premium, cultural tourism choice for discerning travellers.

The capital of Qatar, Doha, is situated halfway down the east coast of the peninsula. Wander round the citys museums and the Doha Fort, which has some interesting displays of traditional crafts, including carving, goldsmithing, rope-making and weaving on your tropical holiday in Doha.