Fujairah HolidaysWith a stunning setting against a majestic mountain backdrop that leads down to the shores of the Gulf of Oman, sleepy Fujairah on the east coast is a low-key destination with jaw-dropping scenery, superb diving and beaches, perfect for a relaxing beach stay and family fun.

The east coast was one of the last in the UAE to feel the impact of development fuelled by the booming oil economy. As a result, many of the old ways have survived which is what makes Fujairah so charming.

Fujairah holiday highlights

Its main attraction is its expansive beaches and excellent diving. The warm waters of the Gulf of Oman offer a vibrant underwater world teeming with fish and coral formations.

If you can tear yourself away from the beach, head up through the winding roads into the Hajar mountains for spectacular vistas, small oasis villages and deep canyon scenery.