Mauritius Holiday



Mark Twain once remarked that God modelled Heaven on Mauritius, because this jewel of the Indian Ocean is truly paradise on earth. Mauritius is a relatively small island (no larger than Surrey) that bathes in the hot tub of the warm Capricorn Sea, in the coral reef belt of the Indian Ocean. Who can resist the golden, powder soft beaches that are embraced by coral reefs and fringed with exotic coconut palms that border the translucent sea lagoons. Its not all about the stunning coastline there are also dramatic mountain ranges, tropical forests, tumbling waterfalls, gently swaying fields of sugar cane, chic hotels, sophisticated cuisine, superb water sports and charming people with infectious smiles.







Aside from relaxing on the beach, engaging in watersports or enjoying a round of golf, Mauritius offers a host of alternative pursuits. Take a thrilling zip slide for a birds eye view of the forest canopy. Explore the luxuriant flora and fauna of the river, forest, cane fields and banana plantation, then cool off with a refreshing swim in a natural pool.

Experience an adventurous Quad biking activity in the most amazing natural setting, taking place in Yemen natural reserve park, which is host of two of the longest rivers on the island and a haven for all sorts of nature wildlife, or take a walk with the lions on the banks of Riviere du Rempart in this once in a life time experience.


Mauritius Facts

Locations: Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar

Size: 36 miles by 25 miles

Population: 1.2 million

Local Time: GMT +4 hours

Flying Time: 12 hours

Visa: Not required by UK passport holders

Language: English, Creole, French

Currency: Mauritius Rupee (Mr)

Vaccinations: None compulsory, contact your doctor

Telephone code: +230


Weather Data (Weather patterns are unpredictable and this data should be used as a guide only)

               C         Rain(mm)        Sun(hrs)

Jan          30          216                   8

Feb         30          198                    8

Mar         30           221                   7

Apr          29          127                    8

Jun          27           97                     8

Jul           25           66                     7

Aug         25           59                     7

Sep         26           65                     8

Oct          27           39                     9

Nov         29            45                     9

Dec        30            115                    9