The Seychelles, 115 granite and coral islands lying just south of the equator in the Indian Ocean. Renowned for its natural beauty, amazing beaches and world class hotels. The Seychelles is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the legendary Vallee de Mai on Praslin where the wondrously shaped Coco-de-mer nut grows and Aldabra, the world's largest raised coral reef. Seychelles is a living museum of natural history and a sanctuary for some of the rarest species of flora and fauna on earth. Nowhere on earth will you find the fabulous Coco-de-mer, the largest seed in the world, the jellyfish tree and the Seychelles' paradise flycatcher. From the smallest frog to the heaviest land tortoise and the only flightless bird in the Indian Ocean, when you are in the Seychelles you are surrounded by exceptional natural beauty. Each of the islands are unique and exhibit an individual charm, personality and atmosphere of their own. Island-hopping is the best way to explore. Take a day excursion to one of the exotic island hideaway resorts. Deserted, pristine dazzling-white beaches, turquoise palms, warm tropical breezes, lush forests, indigenous birds and stunningly colourful underwater life are just some of the attractions that await you in the Seychelles.


Port Launay Marine National Park is famous for its Wale Shark sightings. In their season, these huge gentle giants of the sea can be seen swimming lazily around feeding on the rich plankton that accumulates in the park. The reefs on both sides of the bay provide a wonderful opportunity to use your mask and snorkel, while the beautiful sandy beach is quiet and inviting to sun worshipers. Le Jardin Du Roi Spice Garden is in keeping with the original French tradition of the 18th century spice trade. From its location atop hills and across valleys, the garden coasts rows of vanilla vines, citronella, cinnamon, nutmeg and other spices. guided treks can be organised 24 hours in advance or you can just tour at your leisure. These are just some of the attractions that you can visit on these beautiful islands along with fishing, diving, horse riding, nature trails and golf. These beautiful and mysterious islands will leave you wanting to return year after year.


Seychelles Facts

Location: Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar

Capital: Victoria

Local Time: GMT +4Hours

Flying Time: 10 hours

Population: 81,000

Visa: Not required by the UK passport holders

Language: English, Creole, French

Currency: Seychelles rupee

Vaccinations: None compulsory contact your doctor

Telephone: +248


Weather Data (Weather patterns are unpredictable and this data should be used as a guide only)

                  C        Rain(mm)       Sun(hrs)

Jan            28           310                6

Feb            29           300                6

Mar            29           180                7

Apr            30           190                8

May           29           100                7

Jun            28             50                7

Jul             27             65                7

Aug           27            110                7

Sep           28            220                7

Oct            28           230                7

Nov            29           290                7

Dec           28            305               6


Multi Centre Seychelles Holidays

Twin centre holidays to the Seychelles give you the opportunity to combine relaxation and an idyllic beauty together with  the buzz of Dubai,the adventures of South Africa, or if beaches are your thing  go to both Mauritius and the Seychelles? With Gorgeous palm-fringed beaches and picture perfect turquoise lagoons, this archipelago of 115 islands must not to be missed. Our multi centre holidays to the Seychelles give you the chance to see it all.

Our Seychelles twin centre holidays will bring you up close to the abundant flora and fauna, apart from the beaches, which offer superb diving and snorkelling,