Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park


The Fairmont Millennium Park is a luxurious hotel and renowned for its picturesque lakefront setting and personalised service. Step outside and many of Chicago's highlights, including the 'Magnificent Mile' and Navy Pier are close by. Exceptionally spacious and well-equipped, the Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park hotel comprises a number of decor designs within it's newly decorated guestrooms and suites. The Aria restaurant adds a unique spin to American dining in a stylish setting. The adjoining Aria Bar serves wicked cocktails and doubles as Chicagos only sushi Club. Wine, chocolate and cheese lovers can indulge to their hearts desire at ENO's. End your stay with some indulgence at mySpa, where you can try a massage or body treatment.



Hotel Facilities

restaurant - bar - spa - parking(charge) - internet(charge) - 24 hour concierge








Room Facilities

687 rooms - 42" flat screen tv - air-con - iPod docking station - mini-bar 


Guide price

Based on 2 people sharing a twin room for nights, including flights and private transfers.

Prices start from

Number of rooms

Hotel facilities

Room types

Room facilities


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  • croppedimage140140-24410915-L1-CHI-V-196
  • croppedimage140140-24410919-L1-CHI-V-197
  • croppedimage140140-24410923-L1-CHI-V-193
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