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Capital City - Washington DC


Population - 300,000,000


Time Difference - New York GMT -5 Hours, Chicago GMT -6 Hours, Denver GMT -7 Hours, Los Angeles GMT -8 Hours, Honolulu GMT -10 Hours


Language - English is the official language, although you will find that many other languages are spoken widely across the country. America has its own written  US english spellings


Currency - US Dollar ( $ )


Passports and Visas - British Passport holders must have a full 10 year British Passport that is valid for 6 months after you return to the UK. You will also need a USA visa or waiver form/ESTA. Apply for your ESTA at least 72 hours before travelling ( ESTA website ) ESTAs are currently charged at $14


Flying Time to Destination - From 71/2 Hours (Boston) to 171/4 Hours (Honolulu)


Electricity - The domestic electrical supply is 110V, 60 cycles AC. Sockets are for plugs with two flat pins.


Tipping - Tipping is an established and accepted custom in America. It is always useful to carry some small bills for tipping. For good service, waiters and taxi drivers expect 15-20%, bar staff 10-15%. Porters from $3 -$5 per bag and tour guides from $2 - $4 per day.