The Pierre


The Pierre is one of New York's 'Grande Dames', its ornate decor and plush furnishings still immersing guests in pampered luxury. Proud of its legendary history - moguls and movie stars have once called it home - and its privileged status as a Taj Hotels' flagship property, The Pierre delivers an intimate, almost boutique-feel experience. Afternoon tea is taken in the residential-style lounge and warm room decor invites a feeling of calm: high ceilings, soothing tomes of pale ivory and taupe, rich textured silk and brocades, and a full array of high-tech enhancements. Overlooking Central Park, the slender silhouette of The Pierre stands in the desirable Upper East Side of Manhattan, between Madison and Fifth Avenues. The Pierre's prominent position just off Fifth Avenue puts it amidst the best of the Midtown's shopping and just a short walk from the Lincoln Center, Rockefeller Center and MoMA. With Central Park on the doorstep it’s really easy to make the most of Manhattan's green playground and enjoy the jogging trails, horseback riding, biking, ice-skating, and the wealth of museums that surrounds the Park.





Guide price

Based on 2 people sharing a twin room for 3 nights, including flights and private transfers.

Prices start from £819 per person

Number of rooms 189

Hotel facilities

  • Fitness Centre
  • Spa
  • Concierge
  • Restaurant
  • Valet Parking (charge)
  • Bar
  • Daily Newspaper
  • Lounge
  • In-room dining

Room types

  • Classic Room
  • Superior Room
  • Deluxe Room
  • Central Park View Suite
  • Signature room
  • Premier Suite

Room facilities

  • Flat Screen TV
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary Daily Newspaper
  • In-Room Safe
  • Docking Station for iPod
  • Plush Robes
  • DVD Player


  • croppedimage140140-27653769-L1-Exterior
  • croppedimage140140-27653773-L1-DOORMAN
  • croppedimage140140-27653777-L1-FRONTDESK
  • croppedimage140140-27653781-L1-ROOM1028
  • croppedimage140140-27653785-L1-SMALLBATH
  • croppedimage140140-27653789-L1-living-room
  • croppedimage140140-27653793-L1-Coral-Guestroom
  • croppedimage140140-27653797-L1-HUTTONBED
  • croppedimage140140-27653801-L1-HUTTONENTRY
  • croppedimage140140-27653805-L1-HUTTONSUITEKITCHEN
  • croppedimage140140-27653809-L1-HUTTONSUITEDETAIL
  • croppedimage140140-27653813-L1-HUTTONSUITEMAIN
  • croppedimage140140-27653817-L1-GETTYSUITETERRACE2
  • croppedimage140140-27653821-L1-ROOM927
  • croppedimage140140-27653825-L1-ROOM
  • croppedimage140140-27653829-L1-TATAKIDSSUITE
  • croppedimage140140-27653833-L1-TATAMAIN
  • croppedimage140140-27653837-L1-TATAMASTERBEDALT
  • croppedimage140140-27653841-L1-TATABATH
  • croppedimage140140-27653845-L1-TATADINING
  • croppedimage140140-27653849-L1-2804MAINhires
  • croppedimage140140-27653853-L1-CotillionRm
  • croppedimage140140-27653857-L1-Wedgewood
  • croppedimage140140-27653861-L1-MADISONBOARDROOM
  • croppedimage140140-27653865-L1-PIERREFITNESS
  • croppedimage140140-27653869-L1-2ENTRANCE
  • croppedimage140140-27653873-L1-2DETAIL
  • croppedimage140140-27653877-L1-H5546H0E
  • croppedimage140140-27653881-L1-ROTUNDAB
  • croppedimage140140-27653885-L1-GrandBallroom-not-set
  • croppedimage140140-46130772-L1-signatureroom
  • croppedimage140140-46130782-L1-parkviewroom
  • croppedimage140140-46130791-L1-grandsuite
  • croppedimage140140-46130800-L1-jivaspa-thepierre
  • croppedimage140140-51930864-L1-cityviewtwin

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