The cradle of the world’s most enduring civilization, India was, is and always will be a land that draws the perceptive and enquiring traveller. The first tour to India is often inspired by curiosity, you return because you feel, in some way, that you belong.

Blue Skies travel would like to invite you to join us in the experience of a lifetime - a journey suffused with anticipation, meaningful moments, riotous colours, mouthwatering cuisine, warmth, friendliness, spirituality and much more… everything the subcontinent has to offer… truly a celebration of life. Contact us about tours to India today.

The main problem facing any would-be traveller to the subcontinent, experienced or otherwise, is deciding where to start. The answer depends on what kind of holiday you have in mind, of course. But roughly speaking, if this is your first tour of India you’ll probably be setting your sights on one of two regions: either the “Golden Triangle” of Delhi (the capital), Agra (site of the Taj Mahal) and Jaipur (India’s flamboyant ‘Pink City’), with a possible extension deeper into the desert state of Rajasthan; or Kerala and the historic highlights of neighbouring Tamil Nadu in the far south, with their tropical backwaters, towering temples and hinterland of forested mountains.