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Weddings can be so stressful with so much to think about. We can help by organising the luxury honeymoon holiday you have always dreamed of with minimum fuss.In fact if you want we are able to organise your whole wedding abroad from accommodation and cars to photography and wedding cake.



If you ask all your friends and family what their ideal honeymoon would be I expect they will all come up with different options, most will probably come up with a fabulous beach location, just chilling and relaxing, others may say that they would want some adventure as well as the beach, if this is the case why not combine the both and opt for a two centre honeymoon, combining a city stay with a beach location will give you the best of both or a few of them may have a wish for a tour for a few nights or maybe a mini safari before relaxing on the beach If you are stuck for ideas then let us know what type of honeymoon package you had in mind and we will suggest some fantastic destinations for you.



We feature some of the most romantic and beautiful resorts in the world, palm fringed beaches, sophisticated cities or vast grasslands to make sure you find the perfect location. We also have some fantastic twin and multi centre honeymoons which are getting more and more popular or even arrange a honeymoon holiday on a luxury cruise ship!






Honeymoon Holidays

Whether you are looking for a luxury beach honeymoon in the Indian Ocean or perhaps you prefer the Caribbean or maybe a USA city such as New York, we take pride in making sure that we have the knowledge and expertise to make sure that your honeymoon package is a success.


Don't worry if you cant see what you are looking for, with so many amazing resorts and hotels to choose from we can't possibly list them all on our site, just give us a call and we will more more than pleased to help, contact us on 02920 615640.


We also offer a  Honeymoon Fund facility where your guests can contribute to your luxury honeymoon rather than the traditional wedding gift list. Your guests can leave you a message with their contribution and you are able to get updates on your account by calling or emailing us.All funds are Atol financially protected. You may use your fund to part pay for your honeymoon or take it as cash for your honeymoon spending money.








When and where to go on your Honeymoon

Your choice of honeymoon destinations will depend on when you get married -- so have a look at our choice of the best places to go for every month of the year.


Beach babes -- head to a dreamy beach in Thailand.

Culture vultures -- South Africa is perfect for adventurous honeymooners. Laze on the endless beaches, explore Cape Town or venture out on a safari.

City slickers -- enjoy the chilly New York winter with plenty of retail therapy and ice skating at the Rockefeller Centre.



Beach babes -- dive, swim, snorkel and laze on the beautiful atolls of the Maldives.

Culture vultures -- head to China in time for Chinese New Year.  Hong Kong is one of Asia's most vibrant destinations.

City slickers -- it's carnival time in Rio de Janeiro, so pack your bikini and dancing shoes.



Beach babes -- experience the underwater world with a beach and diving holiday in Bali.

Culture vultures -- for flamenco and fiestas galore, head to Spain.

City slickers -- go for the long haul and flit between Sydney, Cairns, Melbourne and Brisbane, stopping off at beaches and vineyards along your way.



Beach babes -- relax and pamper yourself in a spa in Grenada.

Culture vultures -- celebrate the first day of summer in Iceland. It's something of a spectacle with street parties and colourful parades.

City slickers -- those who enjoy a little glamour should head to Los Angeles. Shop on Rodeo Drive, star spot in Hollywood and lap up the style of Beverley Hills.



Beach babes -- go island-hopping in the Greek islands, and enjoy a bit of culture in Athens or Crete.

Culture vultures -- escape to Mexico for its fascinating Mayan ruins, vibrant culture and food, and fabulous beaches.

City slickers -- enjoy UK cities before the summer holidays begin. Spend a luxurious weekend in London, or a cultural break in Edinburgh.



Beach babes -- up the glamour stakes on the beaches of St Tropez and Cannes.

Culture vultures -- have an early summer city break in Barcelona, Paris or Florence, before the holidaying masses arrive.

City slickers -- wander through the souks of Marrakech for sunshine, culture and wonderful shopping.



Beach babes -- head to the South Pacific for some serious relaxation. Fiji, the Cook Islands and Tahiti have their dry seasons from May to November.

Culture vultures -- cross North America in the trans-Canadian rail from Toronto to Vancouver.

City slickers -- make the most of summer in the city of Dublin, taking in Trinity College and enjoying cool pints of Guinness.  



Beach babes -- do the proper beach thing and soak up the sun in southern Spain or Italy's Amalfi coast.

Culture vultures -- it’s the cooler season in Kenya and Tanzania, so a good time for a safari -- combine with a stint on a Zanzibar beach.

City slickers -- for a relaxed summer city break, try some smaller European cities, such as Ljubljana in Slovenia, Sienna in Italy or Cadiz in Spain.



Beach babes -- treat yourself to some real luxury on the island paradise of Mauritius.

Culture vultures -- temperatures are appealingly tropical at this time of year in Sri Lanka. Laze on the beaches, and cool off in the hill-top town of Kandy.

City slickers -- enjoy late summer in elegant Paris before heading to Champagne in time to see the grapes being picked.



Beach babes -- jet off to the Seychelles for secluded luxury on a lush, tropical island.

Culture vultures -- temperatures have dropped off in Egypt now, so it’s perfect for exploring the Pyramids, Luxor and the Valley of the Kings -- and you can combine it with some beach time on the Red Sea.

City slickers -- head to the east coast of the USA to experience the stunning colours of Boston and New England in autumn


Beach babes -- this is the perfect season to savour the islands of St Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean.

Culture vultures -- Thailand is rich in culture with its markets, palaces and breathtaking scenery. Soak it all up before spending some time enjoying the beach.

City slickers -- year-round sunshine, excellent shopping and fabulous hotels makes Dubai a great honeymoon destination.



Beach babes --spend Christmas in the lap of luxury with a honeymoon in the Turks and Caicos islands, where the temperature is a blissful average of between 75 and 85F.

Culture vultures -- for a festive break, head to Lapland, where you can visit Father Christmas, ride on snowmobiles or go dog-sledding.

City slickers -- savour the wine, culture and sights of Vienna. Admire the Christmas decorations, shop in the Christmas market, and spend a night at the opera.


Honeymoon Planning Tips:

  • Book a late flight in the afternoon if possible or better still days later after the actual wedding.
  • Know your budget and research any extra costs.

  • Book the best room you can

  • Ask about the size of the bed as sizes vary around the world. In Europe, you may want to ask for a "matrimonial" bed.

  • Make sure you both agree on the destination and the budget.

  • Let everyone know it's your honeymoon. Often there are special perks for those on their honeymoon, such as champagne and breakfast in bed.

  • If having a room looking onto the beach is important to you, make sure that the "beachfront hotel" you booked is in fact on the beach, and not just close by, and that your room overlooks the water and not the gardens.

  • Ask about the best way to get to your hotel from the airport.

  • If you are renting a car, find out about insurance requirements ahead of time.

  • All travel documentation should be ready to go - passports, visas, etc.

  • Reconfirm your booking before the trip to ensure your arrangements.

  • If you are not leaving on your honeymoon the first night, why not spend the night relaxing after the festivities at a romantic local inn?

  • Check with your doctor about your destination and take any immunizations necessary. Some countries require proof that you are current on certain disease-preventing immunizations.

  • If you are traveling by air, make sure that your picture identification matches your airline tickets, and if you are traveling overseas, that your passport information matches your ticket information.