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Honeymoons in Maldives

If you are looking for a Honeymoon in an intimate and beautiful setting then the Maldives has one of the worlds best backdrops.

Our favourite luxury hotels in Maldives 


A Maldives holiday will help you make your honeymoon one of the most memorable holidays that you will ever take. Whether you choice is lazing around the one of the most amazing beaches you will ever bathe on, or snorkelling or diving in the clearest seas enjoying the colourful array marine life, you may choose to take a trip to an uninhabited island or maybe you will decide to make full use of the Spa treatments available at your hotel. You just may find that you struggle to fit everything in.





There is an endless choice of Islands to choose from for your Maldives holiday, each offer transfers by either Sea Plane or Speedboat depending on the distance they are away from Male.






Once you decide on your Island the next decision to make is whether to have a land based room, maybe a beachfront setting or, for the perfect indulgence, an overwater bungalow.







We also offer a Luxury Honeymoon Fund where your guests can contribute to your luxury honeymoon rather than the traditional wedding gift list. Your guests can leave you a message with their contribution and you are able to get updates on your account by calling or emailing us.