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 Multi Centre Honeymoons

Blue Skies Travel offer the benefits of twin or multi centre honeymoon holidays.

As an idea for a USA wedding and honeymoon, get married in New York then fly to the Florida Keys  for a week followed by a romantic cruise out of Miami.

Maybe you are looking for that traditional beautiful beach stay combined with an exciting city stay then why not combine the romantic Island of Mauritius with the opulance of Dubai as a two centre combination honeymoon

Perhaps you would prefer an overwater bungalow in the Maldives with enchanting Sri Lanka as a twin centre honeymoon.

Island hopping in the Caribbean could be more what you dream of, with so many amazing destinations your choice is unlimited. A lavish multi centre honeymoon holiday

All we need is your imagination or surf our website for your multi centre honeymoon. If you are still struggling with so many decision let us know and we can help in assisting you in finding the perfecttwo centre honeymoon that you deserve.

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We also offer a Wedding and Honeymoon Fund where your guests can contribute to your  honeymoon rather than the traditional wedding gift list. Your guests can leave you a message with their contribution and you are able to get updates on your account by calling or emailing us.

Looking for something slightly different? Thought about a Cruise  wedding on a cruise ship combined with a land holiday before or after the cruise? Most cruise lines offer a wedding at sea package. So choose a cruise from our sister company The Cruise Service and contact us with your idea or let us advise you on a suitable combination.


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