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Asia and the Far East holidays inspires our imagination generating fascinating experiences that the west simply cannot provide ;grand temples, varied cultures and lifestyle, exciting cuisine and different sceneries are brought together inviting you to experience these countries and turn your dream into reality. Why not have a multi-centre tailor-made holiday of Far East countries. Bali, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India. Whatever you require let us know and we'll design your dream holiday.


Mix it up! There's arguably nowhere on the planet that matches the Far East for diversity.So for double and treble the experience why not experience a multitude of destinations on one of our luxury packaged multi-centre holidays.

There are already plenty of well established pairings for twin centres holidays. Bangkok and a beach classic ,Thai itinerary or Kuala Lumpur with Penang is a similar combo; Singapore with Bali works well for those who want to combine a city with tropical charm; and Hong Kong with Macau which is becoming increasingly popular.

In endlessly absorbing destinations like China and Japan it would be incoveivable to stay in just one place as there are so many must see atrractions on offer. These countries are well worth dedicating tme and space to and certainly reward those who move around. We would encourage you to mix and match your transport whilst visiting to get a real experience. Get a taste of rail travel, river cruise, local transport as the moving around becomes an experience in itself.

In contrast, regions like Indochina - that is Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Burma are almost tailormade for far reaching itineraries which take in more than one country.

The infrasture is all there to help. CArriers linking these regional destinations abound you can pick from airlines such as Eva Air, Korean Air, Bangkok Airways, Vietnam Airlines, Thai Smile Air, Air Asia X and All Nippon, or again consider linking your destinations by rail or boat in some cases. The quality and choice of transport in this region means that destination hopping holidays should invariably be hassle-free, colourful, cost-effective and full of memories. 

With many excursions on offer making the most of you multi centre holiday in the Far East is easy and you can get a real feel of the country and cultures and the diversity of each place. Visit local local markets sampling food and enjoying the hustle and bustle or take a cultural trip to temples and palaces, beyond the city beach combos, opportunities for history, wildlife, gastronomy, diving and trekking put this region on trend for those seeking experiential holidays. 


More and more of our clients  are requesting two and multi centre holidays to the Far East and we are able to obtain the best deals around. There is nothing better than making the most of your holidays with  Asia multi centre holidays. Spend a few nights chilling by the pool or beach, then mix in a city break where you can shop,shop,shop.! You can choose any order for the different destinations or we can quote you great prices to stop over in each direction. As an example, you could fly to Dubai for a few nights, then fly over to Phuket for a few days on the beach and then travel back to Bangkok for another two nights before heading home!

A quality multi centre holiday can include most Asia destinations ,or just one country. It's a big world and it's your holiday! 

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