China multi centre holidays


This vast, majestic land of contrasts and contradictions covers and area larger than Europe and home to twice as many languages and ethnicities. China's past has laid some incredible foundations for visitors and over 30 UNESCO World Heritage sites to grab your attention. As a destination for multi centre holidays China has lots to offer so don't try and pack it all into one holiday.


Two of our more popular itineraries:

Beijing, Shanghai & Hong Kong

A city hopping itinerary that brings together three very different sides of China. Begin in Beijing to learn about China's past in this treasure trove of Imperial artefacts and gateway to the Great Wall. Continue to Shanghai with its ever-expanding skyline, designer boutiques and upmarket restaurants. Finally, arrive in Hong Kong, where recent history has shaped a true mixture of East meeting West.



Beijing, Xi'an & Shanghai

A short itinerary of China’s key highlights – the perfect introduction to this fascinating country for those with limited time, or seeking a taste of China's main attractions. 'Must-sees' include the Forbidden City and Great Wall in Beijing and the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an. The modern metropolis of Shanghai offers great shopping and restaurants in a vibrant city setting.

In our view the best way to see all that China has to offer is by our escorted tour offering.