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The middle East is an ideal sarting point for luxury two centre holidays.The middle east also acts as a great stop off for Asia multi centre holidays.

It is probably because it is so accessible to get into and around in, that the United Arab Emirates is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the Middle East.Abu Dhabi and Dubai holidays in the United Arab Emirate offer something extra with some of the best tax free shopping in the world and warm beaches lapped by the tropical waters of the Arabian Gulf. English is widely spoken in the UAE and the standard of living is very high.

Dubai  offers some of the finest hotels in the Middle East for your holiday. It is also the most popular tropical holiday destination in the whole Middle East. It also helps that many of the hotels for Dubai holiday visitors are located right on the beachfront, and swimming pools are practically a requirement.

Many people book Dubai holidays for its amazing shopping experiences. The duty free shops at the airport are legendary and often given as the reason for missed flights. Meanwhile on a Dubai holiday in the city itself, goods are also duty free and the shopping malls are like nothing you've ever visited with aquariums huge musical fountains,indoor ski slopes to name a few features.

Affluent in the extreme the UAE is a lifetime experience.

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