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Searching for a multi centre holiday in North  America in 2019 or 2020? We are the operator of choice for America bespoke multi-centre holidays. With our experience, we will ensure you obtain the multi centre holiday of your dreams. Finding your ideal America multi centre holiday combination will be easy with Blue Skies Travel .Multi centre holidays for you in USA

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Drive through California, explore New England on an escorted tour or cruise along the coast and go wild on a city break in Las Vegas, or horse riding in Arizona. Blue Skies Travel provides the best luxury America multi centre holidays for 2019 and 2020.


Numerous multi centre options exist but here are some popular combinations.

New York , Las Vegas and Hawaii: multi centre holiday

Las Vegas , Hawaii and Los Angeles: multi centre holiday

New York ,Florida and The Caribbean: multi centre holiday

Atlanta , Las Vegas and Hawaii: multi centre holiday

Los Angeles and Las Vegas: twin centre holiday

Florida plus a Cruise: stay plus cruise holiday

New York with Florida Florida

Your imagination can determine the route.

USA Holiday Packages & Destinations

USA HolidaysThe USA will expose you to so many sounds & sights that you will have difficulty choosing your favourite destination.

From Florida's golden beaches in the south, up through Arizona's  deserts, to towering Rocky Mountains in the north of Canada, you'll find nature at its most extreme and breath-taking during USA holidays. World-famous national parks, fabulous native  and staggering rock formations, canyons and lakes make this destination an absolute must for all wilderness-lovers.

In sharp contrast, the best-known USA holiday cities are glamorous, fast-paced and the epitome of cool. Urbane New York with its superb shopping and sight-seeing is a must visit for anyone on holiday in the USA, glitzy Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood glamour, neon-lit Las Vegas in the heart of the desert or laid-back San Francisco with its stunning bay-side setting all offer a taste of modern America at its most exciting.

These along with Florida are our most popular USA multi-centre holidays, but most of the destinations  can be combined, so you can jump across different states all within the same holiday or drive from one destination to another and then fly home. The cost of the holiday may not increase as most of our airline’s offer free or a reduced stopover fee, so you only need to pay for your hotel.


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Why is New York the greatest city on earth? You will have to go there and know firsthand; the city of skyscrapers will show you what high-tech fairyland is. New York is a flight hub so can be combined with almost any destination for a multi centre holiday :- Check out our destination pages for great hotels : Orlando, Miami, Chicago,Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco .

  To escape this fast-paced lifestyle, stay in Orlando. The Magic Kingdom, SeaWorld will just take your breath away. Disney and Universal Studios are worth their weight in gold.

Travelling south, to Florida if you have never seen natural beauty, wetlands, wilderness then Everglades is the place for you. You will never forget your tour of Alcatraz in San Francisco, as a chill will run down your spine while exploring the famous penitentiary. Don’t forget to put your hands in the prints of the rich and famous at the Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. Visiting USA and not being adventurous is leaving half the task incomplete. Imagine rafting in white waters surrounded by Grand Canyon while you are at the Colorado River for such an experience. Much of the Yellowstone is inside a volcano caldera, featuring more than 10,000 thermal activities; around 500 of them are geysers, spurting high into the air. If you like hiking or have always wanted to do so, Yosemite National Park has a glorious wilderness, and become a cool cowboy/cow girl on a ranching holiday there.

Washington DC, the capital city has lots to offer. The White House, Capitol, Washington Monument, you will know how real parliament works.

 To experience contrasting eras in one city, you have to be in New Orleans. Watch out for the 19th century mansions at St. Charles Avenue and a legendary nightlife at Bourbon Street or French Quarter.

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Columbian mountains situated in Western Canada, give you the tranquility you deserve with an isolated and awe-inspiring hike. How great love stories have begun at lake side, you will know by experiencing a trip to Lake Louise and head off to soak in hot springs at Banff after an eventful day. The Calgary Stampede is an annual exhibition, rodeo and festival every July. If you want to go crazy in the season, it is your dreamland.Eastern Canada is known for the Niagara Falls, which is a collection of three waterfalls located at the border between Canada and USA. ‘Maid of the Mist’ takes you closest to the Niagara Falls, getting you drenched , scream and have a ball. When in Quebec, stay up at the Ice hotel, in winter, and feed yourself in Montreal.Don’t worry if you have something in mind we will construct the best holiday for you in USA and Canada!

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