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Take a ranching holiday - Unleash the Cowboy/Cowgirl in you

Ranching Holidays



Come and enjoy the Rodeo and Line Dancing and take in the beautiful scenery that this part of the world has to offer you. Have you ever wanted to experience a cowboy/cowgirl life, learning their skills and working on a real ranch? If you have not seen how a ranch or a cowboy looks like in real life; you must have on the celluloid though! We, at Blue Skies Travel, help you do exactly what you have always dreamed of doing- living in the Wild West!

Only at a Ranch can you find acres of wide-open land and private herds of horses nestled, at the foot of ruggedly beautiful and majestic Mountains. Whether you want to spend your holidays sleeping and relaxing away in the pool along with your kids or you want to do a hard day’s work in the ranch, these ranching holidays have so much to offer to all kinds of holiday goers. At a ranch, hospitality is blended perfectly with the comforts of a top resort welcoming you warmly with its spacious and charming rooms and gardens. You might even wake up to see some faces peeping from their corrals.

You can take your pick from a number of riding options- slow, fast, mountain or all-day ride which are almost 8 hours in the saddle and cover a minimum of 20 - 25 miles. Lunch is served on the trail. Highlight of these rides include travelling through picturesque panoramas. Go for it if you really craving to feel one with nature after the humdrum of your city life or want to have that lovely tan. You will soon become a part of the ranch way of life, away from all the crowd and mayhem of a buzzing city life. Blue Skies Travel will make you dissolve in the scenic beauty of ranch holidays.

As for the kids, above 5 years, they can experience slow trail rides, petting zoo, sport courts, Movie Theater and games room without mum and dad. 8 years and older children may qualify for fast rides, mountain rides and all day rides while their parents can relax in spa. There is something for everyone to keep busy on a ranch holiday.

There are working cattle ranches as well with cattle coming in for water every day. Whether you like to be busy all the time or take it a little easy, your vacation will be one of real experiences, a vacation free of crowd and stress.

Only at White Stallion Ranch can you find 3,000 acres of wide-open land at the foot of the ruggedly beautiful Tucson Mountains, adjacent to the Saguaro National Park. Here ranch hospitality is blended perfectly with the comforts of a top resort.

4 nights, based on 2 people sharing (includes air travel)

From £1059 per person

This charming, informal ranch gives you the feeling of the Old West.


Ranching Holidays, USAThe ranch has a warm, welcoming, atmosphere which will make you feel at home immediately. Guest rooms are spacious and charming and situated throughout the ranch. Every room has a private patio and  views of the cactus gardens or mountains. Some are close to the corrals so that you may wake up to friendly faces looking over the fence... You'll find our ranch hospitality blended perfectly with the comforts of a top resort.


A White Stallion vacation is not only the smell of horses, trail dust and sunshine, it includes activities and services that will make your experience memorable. For spa services or working out, the Fitness Center has something just for you. The Roundup Recreation Center is great for quality family time as well as making new friends. If home and business keep tugging at you, our free, wireless internet access allows you to keep in touch. The Rearing Horse gift shop satisfies the most avid shopper. This ranch vacation truly has something for everyone.


The ranch is the perfect spot for a family vacation. There are activities that will appeal to all ages and create quality family time. Children 5 and over can go on the trail rides without Mum and Dad. All ages enjoy our petting zoo, sport courts, movie theater and game room. While we don't offer a supervised childrens' program, there's plenty to do and learn. For many children, the sense of freedom experienced at the ranch is unlike anything they have ever experienced.

You'll enjoy the guided, western-style horseback riding with our friendly wranglers, fine horses, and scores of scenic trails. This is a working cattle ranch with Longhorn cattle coming in for water every day. Whether you are busy all the time or take it a little easier, your vacation will be one of real experiences and relaxation, a vacation free of crowds, lines and stress.
Don't worry about travelling alone to the ranch. Within hours you will have lots of new friends and feel like part of the family.


White Stallion Ranch gives you the freedom to stay as busy as you want or do as little as you like. Either way, you will find a variety of activities from a relaxing nap at the pool to an exhilarating horseback adventure. While horses are central to our ranch, you can make your stay as "horsey" or "horseless" as you like. Below are just some of the options you will enjoy at the ranch.

Horseback Riding

Ranching Holidays

Ranching Holidays, USAWe own one of the largest private herds of horses in Arizona. We can accommodate the experienced horse-owner, the "first-time" rider and every rider in between. When needed, our professional wranglers will help guests overcome bad experiences and develop confidence at any skill level. Our greatest reward is seeing guests and horses working well together.

Children 8 and older may qualify for our fast rides, mountain rides and all day rides.

Those 5 years and older will enjoy the slow rides.

Mountain Rides

Exciting and beautiful, our steep, rocky, mountain trails take you to the top of our surrounding mountains where the views are fantastic.

Slow Rides

Slow and easy on the back of a horse, it's the perfect way to see the desert, soak up some sun and enjoy the incredible scenery.

Fast Rides

Galloping/cantering through the desert is always fun and exciting. Experienced riders love these rides and we pride ourselves on helping beginners gain the skills necessary to participate as well. With the variety trails we have, the fast rides are always an adventure.

All Day Rides

This could be the best ride of your life! For our guests who are comfortable on the fast ride, you'll spend almost 8 hours in the saddle and cover 20 - 25 miles. Lunch is served on the trail. Highlights of this ride include travelling through Saguaro National Park, Box Canyon and seeing Native American petroglyphs.

Ranching Holidays, USARanching Holidays, USA